Learn More About The Armenian Medical Fund, USA

The AMF, USA was founded on January 12, 1953 in New York City under the original name “The Armenian Association to Aid the Armenian National Sanatorium of Lebanon, Inc.”. The organization was formally registered in the state of New York by its founding members: Reverend Mihran Kalayjian, Mr. Howard Karaghuezian and Mr. John Torigian and benefited the moral support of the Armenian Apostolic and Evangelical churches in the United States.

The Associations goals were:

  1. To make the Armenian American community aware of the Armenian National Sanatorium in Azouniyeh, Lebanon.

  2. To help the Sanatorium provide care for destitute Armenians and treating patients infected with Tuberculoses or suffering from pulmonary diseases.

  3. To raise funds for the support of the Sanatorium.

In 1991, with the emergence of the free and independent Republic of Armenia, the Board of Directors legally amended the by-laws and articles of the corporation to extend its support and aid to medical institutions in Armenia providing care similar to that of the Sanatorium in Lebanon.

In April 1992 the State of NY approved these changes in the by-laws as well as the change in the name to “The Armenian American Medical Fund, Inc.” which more completely described the scope of its activities. However in 2004 due to the cumbersome nature of the name the Board voted to change the name to the present one: “The Armenian Medical Fund, USA” (AMF, USA).

AMF, USA is a not-for-profit, type B corporation as defined by section 201 of not-for-profit corporation law duly recognized by section 509 (C) (3) of the Federal Internal Revenue of 1986. As a result contributions to the AMF, USA are fully deductible under section (C) (2) of the IRS Code or corresponding provisions of any subsequent federal tax law.

Board of Directors:

  • Vahe Balouzian, Chairman

  • Andrew Torigian, Vice Chairman

  • Herand Markarian, Ph.D. Executive Secretary

  • Mesrob Odian, Ph.D. Treasurer

  • Houri Guedelekian

  • George Dermksian, MD

  • Khoren Nalbandian, R.Ph.

  • Puzant Torigian, D.Sc.

  • Greg Toufayan