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The Mikaelian Hospital, Kanaker, Armenia

The pulmonary department of the Mikaelian Hospital was in desperate need of a bronchoscope. The Olympus bronchoscope donated to the Mikaelian Hospital 2006.

The Mikaelian Hospital, Kanaker, Armenia2019-06-27T17:35:40+00:00

Kapan TB Center (Kapan, Armenia)

The capitol of the Synik Marz with a population of 164,000 is the southernmost major TB center. The AMF,USA helped out this TB center supplying milk and honey. A monthly stipend was set for the purchase of medicine. The Director of the Center is Dr. - Supply food and medicine. - Purchased fax machine

Kapan TB Center (Kapan, Armenia)2019-06-27T17:34:14+00:00

The Goris TV Center, Goris, Armenia

The TB dispensary of Goris needed to renovate their ward. The AMF, USA responded by renovating the entire second floor of the dispensary. Today, the dispensary operates full scale treating TB and pulmonary patients in this central city of Armenia.

The Goris TV Center, Goris, Armenia2019-06-27T17:40:18+00:00

The Vanadzor TB Hospital (Vanadzor, Armenia)

The TB dispensary of Vanadsor is the major dispensary for the Lorry Marz with a total population of 200,000. After the Earthquake, the hospital was moved to a small tin-roof building. For more than 15 years, the dispensary was operating from that ill-fitted building. In 2005, the Government decided to move the TB dispensary to [...]

The Vanadzor TB Hospital (Vanadzor, Armenia)2019-06-27T17:32:06+00:00

The Republican TB Hospital (Abovian, Armenia)

The Abovian Hospital is the main TB hospital in Armenia. It serves the entire country. It is a 360 bed hospital with adult -male and female- and children’s divisions. The Abovian was the first hospital where AMF, USA focused its efforts. From 1991, a monthly stipend of $1,000 was allocated for the purchase of medicine. [...]

The Republican TB Hospital (Abovian, Armenia)2019-06-27T17:08:19+00:00

Preventing TB in Armenia and the Middle East

Overview Tuberculosis, or TB, is an infectious bacterial disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which most commonly affects the lungs. It is transmitted from person to person via droplets from the throat and lungs of people with the active respiratory disease. In healthy people, infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis often causes no symptoms, since the person’s immune [...]

Preventing TB in Armenia and the Middle East2019-06-27T17:05:20+00:00

Dillijan Children’s TB Sanatorium (Dillijan, Armenia)

Dilijaan’s Children sanatorium is the only major sanatorium for the children of Armenia who have TB-infected family members. It is located in the Marz of Lori but serves the entire country. Besides providing room and board, it provides basic medical care like medicine, blood test etc. Since most parents can’t afford the cost of transportation, [...]

Dillijan Children’s TB Sanatorium (Dillijan, Armenia)2019-06-27T17:02:18+00:00
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