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New York Times: A Killer Without Boarders

February 10, 2009 As if you didn’t have enough to worry about … consider the deadly, infectious and highly portable disease sitting in the lungs of a charming young man here, Garik Hakobyan. In effect, he’s a time bomb. Mr. Hakobyan, 34, an artist, carries an ailment that stars in the nightmares of public health experts — XDR-TB, the scariest form of tuberculosis. It doesn’t respond to conventional treatments and is often incurable. XDR-TB could spread to [...]

Secretary Clinton’s Statement on World Tuberculosis Day

Secretary Clinton’s Statement on World Tuberculosis Day - link via Dipnote - U.S. Department of State Official Blog on 3/24/09 - link Today marks World Tuberculosis Day. Secretary Clinton issued a statement, joining others around the world in saying “I am stopping TB.” Tuberculosis (TB) kills almost 5,000 people each day and is the leading cause of death for people living with HIV/AIDS. The U.S. government is the largest contributor to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, [...]

Armenian Medical Fund Activities in 2013

2013- A year in review Dr. Herand Markarian As the year nears its end, we feel obligated to brief the Armenian Nation about the activities of the Armenian Medical Fund, USA (AMF). What follows is a brief review of the major projects that came to fruition. THE AMF Here’s a brief introduction about AMF, especially for those who may not have had the opportunity to learn about AMF. AMF is a US based 501C organization. It is [...]

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